The subject I choose is not far away. I cross it on my road and in my immediate surroundings. They are spaces and objects in the city that lack beauty and a clear identity. In a split second a certain detail of the subject captures my attention. By dwelling on it I notice certain details that have an alienating effect. Usually these are caused by reflections in windows or smooth surfaces and some other time by the play of light. In combination with the surroundings, this creates a new image that is different from what you notice when passing by. That image stays with me while I continue my journey. Later, I think about which angles could produce an interesting image. The moment this begins to take shape, I return to the scene and do more research. The objects and surroundings that I paint are made by people, but their presence is omitted in the images. They would distract from what I want to show. A play of lines and layers on the canvas that together form an almost impossible construction. I isolate certain details and let them interact with the reflections or any other source that causes distortions. In this way, layer by layer, while painting, a transformation is effected into an image that forms a new reality of the object.